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Whether you are a chef or a large chain, our products have been designed with you in mind.

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Environmental sustainability is a question of DNA throughout the entire product life cycle.

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Ennio Grava - "Ai Cadelach" Restaurant - Revine Lago (TV)

“During the à la carte restaurant service, we rely on the Multilevel system which helps us achieve precision in cooking and speed in service which is fundamental for this type of catering.„

Ennio Grava - "Ai Cadelach" Restaurant - Revine Lago (TV)

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How do blast chillers work? Here are the different types to choose

A blast chiller is an essential tool in any professional kitchen. It rapidly cool hot foods, bringing them to a very low temperature in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and parasites.

Lainox Professional Ovens: Unique solutions for saving time, space and energy

Lainox combi ovens and blast chillers can adapt to the needs of any type of professional kitchen, making them the perfect equipment that always guarantees the best results in a minimum amount of space and with reduced investments of time and energy.

A kitchen designed by Lainox: professional ovens and blast chillers for every type of need

Lainox ovens and blast chillers are able to meet the demands of all professionals in the catering world, independent of whatever service characteristics they offer their customers. Our products are designed to meet the needs of a laboratory, a restaurant, a community kitchen or a dark kitchen.Here are the bestperforming solutions in our range and the best contexts for using them in order to make the most of their potential.

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