Cook like a master chef

A professional oven in your home kitchen


Your love of cooking knows no bounds

You can now have a professional oven in your kitchen at home as well. Easy and convenient to install because it has been specially designed to fit into standard 60 cm household kitchen modules.

Make your dream come true


If you already have a Naboo in your professional kitchen, you can access all the synchronised recipes at home too, which are always available on your Naboo@home. With the WiFi connection, you can also access the website and get inspiration from the hundreds of international recipes available.

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A new way of cooking

We perfect every step you take

Whether you have an à la carte menu or your main business is banquets, we have created a system to make your work easier, more efficient and profitable. You get to choose whether you use the cook and serve, cook and hold or cook and chill technique. Our technology will support all your decisions and choices.


Energy savings

Up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional systems.


Space saving

Vertical cooking saves you space in the kitchen, which you can dedicate to your customers


Raw material savings

Using our systems means you use less raw materials due to reduced weight loss during cooking and a drastic reduction in scraps and waste thanks to the cook and chill techniques.

Create unique dishes

Get inspiration from our recipes

Fillet of sea bass with julienne vegetables

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Tart with custard cream and wild berries

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Grilled fillet steak with ratatouille sous vide

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