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Technology and intelligence in minimal space

The totally unique feature setting Naboo apart from other professional ovens is called Cloud. In the Cloud you'll find everything you need to create the perfect dish, because that’s where we’ve stored our know-how: the recipes, process, preparation method, cooking program and presentation of every single dish.

You’ll never look back

Technology and performance


Access to the cloud

In the Cloud you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect dish, because that’s where our know-how is stored


Perfect cooking

Grilling, frying, roasting, boiling and much more still. You’ll be amazed by the speed, quality and consistency of cooking, even with a full oven.


Controlled hygiene

Impeccable cleaning for continuous safety

Just one touch

A new way of managing your dishes

The Naboo interface is just like a larger version of your smartphone or tablet screen, with the same functions: browse menus, drag icons, open files, create new pages, organize new folders with new contents, draw from the cloud and combine the contents with those stored in the machine.

All with total freedom, creativity and functionality.

Less waiting. More speed. Better quality

Save time too with Naboo

24 chickens on a spit in 35 min

24 chickens on a spit in 35 min

Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside

120 fillets in 8 min

120 fillets in 8 min

Perfect, safe and flavorsome cooking for a delicious meat dish without worrying about delays

60 sunny side up eggs in 2 min

60 sunny side up eggs in 2 min

A perfect yolk with the right consistency just like you’ve always done, at 10 times the speed

Built-in installation

A practical and innovative solution for the built-in installation of the 2 Compact range models 026 and 061, in any environment, even domestic.
The kit includes a built-in frame and extraction hood with air cooled condenser. Model 026 can also be installed on standard 60 cm modules in domestic kitchens.

Controlled minimum power consumption

Thanks to the Energy Monitor, Naboo allows the transparent monitoring of electricity, gas, water and detergent consumption for a year’s worth of cooking cycles. Moreover, if Naboo is connected to Nabook (Lainox Cloud), consumption can also be monitored by remote.

Find out more about Lainox sustainability

One Touch for perfect cleaning too

Simply select the ideal washing level and Naboo does the rest, thanks to the automatic washing system with liquid detergent.

The COMBICLEAN detergent specifically designed by Lainox guarantees deep cleaning and is supplied in a 100% recyclable cartridge/can, which means no more dangerous product handling and pouring.

A complete service

Simplify the way you cook with dedicated accessories

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