Provide an innovative offer in a rapidly changing market

Before discussing the hardware offers, let’s take the time to analyse two consumption trends:

Dark kitchens, virtual kitchens, ghost kitchens…These are all the names given to this concept which appeared int the United States and which literally exploded in Europe in 2019. And for good reason: in some cities such as Paris or London, the price per m2 is a real brake for restaurateurs who want to develop or those who simply want to get started. Thanks to these shared and pooled spaces, the restaurateurs who are partners of these dark kitchens are freed from heavy investments (purchase of business assets, tables and chairs and decoration, etc…) and can thus better devote themselves to their core business: cooking.

If before the crisis, the concept of dark kitchens had already started to appeal to certain restaurateurs and consumers, one thing is certain … it’s only with the crisis and the latest restrictions announced by the government (curfew in some large cities in France), these kitchens 100% dedicated to take-out and delivery have a bright future ahead of them and have not finished talking about them.

“Good for the planet” establishments: locavorism, sustainable and responsible cuisine, ethnical cuisine, anti-waste recipes, recycling, recovery, reuse, cuisine with a limited carbon footprint… These are all elements on which restaurateurs must bet today, at a time when societal awareness is growing stronger, restoration players have everything to gain by committing to the values of sustainability and responsibility. This goes through the kitchen of course, but also through the supply chains, the layout of the restaurant but also the kitchen equipment.

In summary, our ecosystem is evolving and Lainox is evolving to offer a range of products wide enough to meet our evolutions.

So, the combination of a Naboo Boosted, a Neo and an Oracle means having the 3 musketeers in your kitchen.

Who are they and why?

The Naboo Boosted:

It is a combi, fast (25 KG of broccoli in 7 minutes) , efficient ( new washing system ), intelligent ( thanks to the assistant Naboo coach ), robust ( thanks long life components), flexible ( configurable screen), powerful ( preheating up to 320° C), small ( up to 15% less space) and connected ( Nabook, our virtual assistant that helps organize and manage your kitchen).


It is a multifunction cell, which allows you, rapid cooling (+ 90°C to +3°C), rapid freezing ( +90°C to -18°C), defrost ( -18°C up to +3°C) to control fermentation ( in 5 cycles), slow cooking ( up to +85°C ) and temperature maintenance ( +65°C).


A super-fast oven combining forced air, convection and microwave. It’s a new way to manage your offers quickly. Easy to install (plug & play) small (small size) 7’’ HD touch screen ( customizable ) powerful ( 95°C to 270°C ) equipped with a catalyst ( no need for a hood) easy cleaning ( thanks to protections non-stick standard).

You understand, my preparations are simpler, without pressure while reconciling production flexibility and technology thanks to my Nabook assistant who will give you the HACCP information*

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Jean Bellet

*(Oracle to come)

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