Ovens for pastry shops and bakeries

Find out about our range of professional convection ovens for pastry shops and bakeries.

We think about every step you take

We add the finishing touch to your recipes and bring out the quality.

With forty years of experience alongside expert pastry chefs, we have learned one thing in particular: that the needs of pastry shops are different that those of a kitchen. Which is why we have created a line of specific products for you to combine quality, efficiency and uniformity, all enhanced by connectivity to the Lainox world.

We have chosen the best for you

The evolution of a species

Aroma Naboo 5.0

Aroma Naboo 5.0 represents the very best in combi ovens, a concentration of technology that makes the user experience ultra-easy and fun. The standard supply WiFi connection allows you to access the thousands of recipes via Nabook. You will be amazed at the cooking speed and quality, as well as the focus on energy consumption, which you can monitor via the energy monitor.

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Flexibility with no bounds


The use of heat and cold in the same machine, up until a few years ago, was something all chefs dreamed about.

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We have reinvented the past

Aroma Sapiens

If you do not want to do away with tradition cooking methods, but need the precision, efficiency and flexibility that technology can now provide, then Aroma Sapiens is what you need.

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Easy Baking


Puff is an ideal partner for your bakery, laboratory or shop.
Easy and intuitive, with One Touch technology, simply tap on the screen to choose one of the many preset recipes, all of which have already been tested with excellent results.
The standard Wi-Fi connection allows you to access the Lainox Cloud Nabook to organise your business even better.

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A new way of cooking

We perfect every step you take

Whether you have an à la carte menu or your main business is banquets, we have created a system to make your work easier, more efficient and profitable. You get to choose whether you use the cook and serve, cook and hold or cook and chill technique. Our technology will support all your decisions and choices.


Energy savings

Up to 60% energy savings compared to traditional systems.


Space saving

Vertical cooking saves you space in the kitchen, which you can dedicate to your customers


Raw material savings

Using our systems means you use less raw materials due to reduced weight loss during cooking and a drastic reduction in scraps and waste thanks to the cook and chill techniques.

Create unique dishes

Get inspiration from our recipes

Mini puffs and tart with custard cream and wild berries

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Vanilla-flavoured macarons

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Saint Honorè cake

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Other pastry chefs have already tried it

So, what are you waiting for to step up your quality?

Orietta Cattelan - Panificio Pasticceria “Al Vecio Graner” - Jesolo (VE)

“I instantly fell in love with it (love at first sight) because I saw the possibility of making my pastry shops and bakery project come true. This oven lets me simplify my work.„

Orietta Cattelan - Panificio Pasticceria “Al Vecio Graner” - Jesolo (VE)
Find out about the experience of other chefs like Orietta with Lainox
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